Review Policies

My credentials
I've read voraciously since I could identify Dr. Seuss rhymes all by myself.  I've literally read hundreds, if not thousands, of books in many, many genres.  In college, I minored in Creative Writing and have done some writing.

What I will review:
  • Books (this is primarily a book blog)
    • Paperback and .mobi files (strong preference for paperback if possible)
    • Nearly any genre...
    • Romance
    • Young Adult
    • Children's Books
    • Steampunk
    • Paranormal
    • Mystery
    • Dystopian
    • Crime Thriller
    • Textbooks
    • Historical Nonfiction
    • Theology
    • Nonfiction
  • Entertainment (movies, music, etc)
  • Products
  • Restaurants
  • Anything that catches my fancy

What I will not review:
  • Erotica (a few sex scenes is one thing, when the work is majority erotica it shall not be reviewed here...I reserve each and every right to contact authors/publishers/book tour companies and say "um, yeah....can't review this work.")
  • Slanderous work
  • Political science books
  • Supernatural horror (my imagination is vivid enough after dark, thank you very flipping much)
  • Anything dehumanizing anyone for any reason
****These lists being made and stated - there are always exceptions (except for the erotica, dehumanizing, and slanderous bits, on those topics I shall not budge).  If you have a book that you would like me to review but are not sure whether it is something I'll be interested in, then just shoot me an email and let me know.  Give me a chance to look at the blurb and we'll see what we can do.  Authors have convinced me to review a few books that initially seemed to be on my "no review" list.****

Types of posts found on this blog:
  • Book reviews
  • Book blitzes / features / highlights (different places have a different word for this kind of post)
  • Author interviews
  • Guest posts (I'm super super picky about this - and I reserve the right to correct improper grammar in any guest post)
  • Product/entertainment reviews
  • etc etc etc
My promise to you...
If I've told you I will do a post, I will do a post.

If a post is due by a specific date then it will be up on time.  That being said (as noted above), I do have a son with cancer.  Sometimes, despite my best of intentions, I am unable to adhere to commitments made to get something done by a specific time because he has unexpectedly been in the hospital yet again.  My children will always be prioritized over any post due here.  That said, if I've promised you a post then I will not drop it - it may just have to go up late.

Occasionally, I receive a review request that comes directly from an author and is not part of a book tour.  If this is the case, I will read and review it as soon as possible.  Keep in mind, however, that posts which have promised due dates will be given priority.  I don't have a due-date calendar on here (if you ask for one, maybe I'll put one up so you know what I'm reading...).  If you request a review without giving me a firm date, know it will be up within as timely a manner as possible.  If you've requested a review without giving me a firm date and in your mind the promised post is taking too long, then simply contact me and we'll work something out.

I will email you when your post is up.

Book reviews will (if applicable) be cross-promoted to Goodreads and Amazon.

All reviews will reflect my own personal and honest opinions.  Integrity and honesty are of paramount importance to me, and I shall remain true to this no matter what.  If I do not like a book, it will show but the review will be honest and fair sans undue criticism, slander, or disrespect (I don't love every book, that's just a fact of life).  Know that my dislike for a book is not a personal attack - others may or may not have the same criticisms.  If I'm reading your book as part of a promotional blog tour and cannot give it 3 or more stars, I will either request a different post form (interview, feature, guest post, etc) or provide the person in charge of the tour with the reasons I've made the decision to exclude your book from my blog.

Um, no...
I reserve the right to decline review/post requests.  Major reasons this may happen include (but are not limited to): 
  • I tried reading it, but my distaste for the book for whatever reason was so strong the thought of someone else reading it made me cringe.
  • It is a self-published work riddled with typos.  I get seriously side-tracked when there are too many typos.
  • My review schedule is packed (this happens - I have children, a job, and a jewelry making business (check it out - Butterflies Aside) on top of this blog...and a husband who needs attention sometimes too).

Review Format
Book review posts may vary in formatting depending on feedback from my readers, but they may have the following sections:
  • Book cover and blurb (including links to books Goodreads and Amazon if applicable and provided to me)
  • About the Author (author links and photo included if provided to me)
  • Long Story Short (abbreviation of following review, provided for those who don't want to muddle through my detail oriented brain words)
  • Overall Score
  • Long Story (a more detailed analysis of the work) 
    • The Good
    • The Bugly (bad/ugly)
In the past, I used a 1 to 10 star scoring system.  For simplicity sake, I moved to a 1 to 5 score system recently.  
  • 1 star - I really didn't like the book/product.
  • 2 stars - I didn't like the book/product.
  • 3 stars - I liked it, but it had a few issues (which you will see in the Bugly section)
  • 4 stars - I liked the book/product.
  • 5 stars - I loved the book/product.  

Nitpicky stuff
All materials contained within this blog are under copyright - please contact me before replicating any written materials.  If you do not do so and I find it while simultaneously discovering I have not been credited, I will be majorly cranky.

Questions?  Click "contact me" and shoot me an email!

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