Friday, August 2, 2013


Hello all, dear readers!

As you may have noticed, there have been some recent changes on various pages of this, my little blog.  First, I was determined to review absolutely anything and everything I came across...books, products, movies, conversations, etc.  :)

Now, I've noticed that my review posts are super heavily tilted in favor of book reviews (seriously, I think there is one movie review that I mainly did out of consternation about things in Alaska - my beloved home state - and that doesn't really count and only a few product reviews).

Am I reading?  Am I reviewing?  Am I chatting with an author?
That being said, this, my little blog, is henceforth a book blog!  I'll post about anything book related - reviews, book blitzes, upcoming reviews, discussions with other book bloggers, etc.  Of course, there may be a few product and movie reviews interjected here and there, but from now on I'm focusing on books.  :)  Focus is a good thing.

Now excuse me as I go work on the next book that will show up looks fun!!    :)

~Miss Nora

P.S.  You are loved!

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