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GUEST POST: "Been There. Done That" - by Michael Jackson [Fire and Ice Book Tours]

Near death experiences?  What about death experiences?  The Bible speaks of people who have died and come back to life (true resurrection reserved for Christ, he didn't die again)...but what about when this happens today?

"Death is the most certain thing in this life! Yet as far back as written history can be traced, it is the most uncertain, and heavily-debated topic of discussion for mankind!
Are Heaven and hell literal and Eternal destinies, or are they merely figurative manifestations for behavioural guidelines that have been handed down through our ancestors?
With a lack of definite knowledge regarding this subject matter, we must rely on faith in Some All-Powerful Entity! Or is life as we know it the end of our story?
I do not wish this upon any human being, but I died 8/18/2001. I am Blessed to remain here!
Therefore, I can think of no other possible reason that I was spared, given a second chance, other than sharing my experience with Everyone that I can for the rest of this life!

The one question that everyone on Earth has which is Only discovered after their demise,”Is there a Heaven and hell?”, is answered right here. I died August 18th, 2001 in a motorycle wreck.
This is no fictional novel. I am informing you of what to expect when your inevitable demise occurs! What you do with the information afterwards is up to you. Consider this a Literal cheat sheet for the Ultimate Life Test…"

Death: Been There. Done That. by Michael Jackson
Virtual Book Tour Dates 9-16-13 - 9-30-13
Genres: Religion and Spirituality


"August 18th, 2001, was the one that I consider to be the halfway point of my life. As well as one that is burned into the minds of my loved ones. It was The Pivotal turning point in my life! Coincidentally, this was less than a month prior to one of the most recent infamous dates that the world knows! 8/18/2001, three weeks later was 9/11.
     Apparently, once they had stabilized me, the docs informed my family that I had been revived three times, after which I was in a coma for about 11 or 12 days. The earliest memories, in the wake of, my awakening, were a series of pictorial flashes in my mental disposition. 
I recall looking up at the television from my hospital bed, and seeing the World Trade Center collapsing. At that point I had not regained my cognizance, I was still in a dream-like state of mind, so I was not perceiving what my eyes were seeing! 
     I wasn't able to apprehend the Tragic reality of what was going on in NYC at that moment in time! Aside from those few still-image flashbacks, I only remember random faces of those who were visiting me &/or with me in the hospital room."

"Writing is a skill that I have always possessed, but have never utilized until recently. It was my specialty all throughout the school years… I excelled in the English classes and nearly failed the dreaded subjects of math. I earned a BA in Communications Studies because I am good with words. I learned of the power of words, concerning both the damaging affects they produce, as well as the Joy they induce! “But no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.”-James 3:8 & “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”-Proverbs 18:21. Words are powerful! Writing equals venting. It is a wonderful form of expression, a one-sided conversation. There is no debate with the words that you state, no one to contend, they’re your words, that’s the end.
“Death: Been There. Done That.”, is my first publication, as well it is basically a documentary of my life. It is a personal account of the thirty-three years that I have lived. The title of this work is self-explanatory. I have died before, and I felt compelled to give my testimony to All who are breathing! It was a feeling of obligation to tell my story, a necessity, not an option. It doesn’t matter what else I choose to write next, there can be no piece more important for you to read, no other combination of words more Vital to comprehend than those that are in “Death: Been There. Done That.” The purpose for writing about my experience is to encourage those wheels in your head to start spinning! I absolutely attest that what I wrote is 100% Truth. Yet I can’t prove it, so as far as you’re concerned, it could be my simple opinion. This is why I declared my intention to be of a thought provoking sort.
The name that I was given at birth was Michael Jackson. As much as I would like to avoid this topic of discussion, I have decided to put the spotlight on this white elephant. I was born in between MJ’s “Off the Wall” & “Thriller” albums, and I have lived life vicariously throughout All of his ups & downs over the years! I used to hate it, but I grew to love it! My life has been fun! It played a major role in shaping my personality along with my sense of humor! Not many people can make a total stranger laugh out loud from delivering a six-word introduction, “Hi, my name is Michael Jackson.” I just wanted to clarify that it is Not a pen name, nor a marketing scheme. It is what it is. Thank you mom & dad. With that being said, I hope you will now focus on the writing!

Michael Jackson"

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