Monday, October 7, 2013

More updates!! :)

Hey all...

So, a couple of major portions of this blog underwent some major revision as of late:

  • "Reviews": In the past there was a tab each for product/book/movie reviews.  They are now all under the "Reviews" tab.  Since this is primarily a book blog, those reviews are listed on top in title alphabetical order.  Product/entertainment reviews will be listed near the bottom.  All listings will contain a link to their respective review.
  • "Policies":  I've been getting a ton of review requests lately.  This is awesome, but as this bitty blog of mine gets more attention, it has come to my attention that I need to be more clear on some policy stuffs.  Check out that tab for some more info.
Questions?  You can find my email address under "Contact Me".

Okay.  That's it.  Back to reading...

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