Saturday, October 19, 2013

Note on format

Hello, dear readers!

First, thank you so much for reading this blog.  You have no idea how much I appreciate that you take the time to mentally download some of my ramblings and excitedness over books (yes, I know my grammar and such is horrible in that sentence...bah gram-bug).

Second, as this blog has grown, you may have noticed that some things have changed.  It is not strictly a review blog, for one thing.  For another thing, I'm toying around with formatting of posts in order to make this a bit more of a reader-friendly blog.  What this means is that, for example, my reviews are now going to have an "In a nutshell..." section after the book/author info.  This new section is essentially the abstract.  It comes first because I recognize that many of you, just as I, have super busy lives and may not want to sit through the entirety of my mind ramblings before getting to "is this a good book or not?"  Therefore, you shall get the abstract, and then you can read the rest of it if you so choose.  I hope you do read the rest of it!  I rather like my writing.  :P

If you have comments / questions / concerns about this blog...or the great mysteries of life...please feel free to contact me and give me feedback.  I want this blog to be accessible and readable for you.  I can already read myself.  :)

Hugs and much love and blessings,

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