Saturday, October 26, 2013

Restaurant Review - My Huong Kitchen

     A few weeks ago, my husband, Dibbun (my son - not his real name, a nickname stolen from Brian Jacques books), and I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  Husband and I went to this nearly every year before Dibbun was born, and this was the first time that our 18-month-old son was able to attend.  

     Partway through the day, Dibbun began making the noises that every parent recognizes, the noises of a hungry child.  It was a hot day.  Very hot.  Like, melt-a-candy-bar-on-your-toes kind of hot (90+ degrees).  Dibbun was cranky because it was so hot...and he was hungry.

     Well, being at Renaissance Festival meant that Husband and I were wearing costumes.  Women's costumes notoriously don't have pockets, so I didn't have my wallet. 

Baby was hungry. 

     My husband had his wallet, so I trucked off to a restaurant booth to retrieve ye old num nums for Dibbun.

Baby was very hungry.

     Food was ordered, made, and handed to a Momma eager to appease a hungry Dibbun.  Momma reached for Husband's credit card...and knew by the look on the lady's face that they must not take card.  We had no cash.

Baby was hungry.

     The woman behind the counter, who is the owner of the restaurant, told me to go "feed your baby" and come back to pay later.  After settling down with Dibbun to give him the newly acquired food, I sent Husband across the Festival to the ATMs to fetch cash.  Upon arriving at the ATMs, he realized the only card we had was credit, not debit.  Credit cards don't give cash out of least not this one.

     Dibbun was not taking much of the offered food anyways because he was too hot (we got him cooled down, don't worry) and I gingerly picked up the plate of food and headed back towards the food booth with my tail tucked between my legs.  
     The owner was AMAZING!  I explained the situation, and she said "feed your baby, don't worry about it".  Seriously.  She restored some of my faith in humanity right there.  I felt like an absolute cad...I am not one to order food and then leave without paying.  We got caught in an awkward situation, and she totally bailed us out.  So to the owner of "My Huong Kitchen", THANK YOU!!  You are totally a lifesaver!!!

     My son LOVED the food.  I LOVED the food!!  The food at this place is amazing, the service is is pretty much amazing.  I shall always go by their booth whenever I see it anywhere...hopefully this time with cash in hand.  : )

My Huong Kitchen

2718 Nicollet Ave.,  
Ste 101B

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Neighborhood: Whittier

(612) 872-2323

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