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GUEST POST: "Battlecry" by Jeffrey Snyder (Fire and Ice Book Tours)

Hey  hey hey...check it out - you should really see the author's response to the question "what was the most difficult part in writing a fiction story?"

"Fall in love with a true heroine!

Sixteen year old Kaí-Ling was raised in the ways of the sword. The child of a former samurai warrior and an American mother embarks on a journey to right the wrongs life has dealt her. The lifelong lessons and skills she acquires as well as the friends she makes along the way aid her in her quest to fulfill her destiny. Robbed of her father’s love before she was born, Kaí-Ling now seeks vengeance upon those who took him from her."

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 2/20/14 – 3/6/14
Genres: Young Adult/Teen, Middle Grade, Fiction, Genre Fiction, Fantasy

Tour Promotional Price: $.99


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeffrey Snyder
Jeffrey (JL) Snyder is a Top 100 Author at He has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Texas - El Paso. The spark that ignited his aspirations to becoming an author was first lit by words of encouragement from his high school English teacher. Initially, however, he did not act upon those words, and the flame flickered within him for many years, almost extinguishing at times. That was until he met an angel, a gift from God, whom he now happily calls his wife. She reignited that spark that was once lit so many years ago with love, motivation and support.
Jeffrey is an avid reader of fiction as well as comic book/graphic novel fiction. He is a self taught artist who is fond of the Japanese Manga style of drawing. As a writer of fiction, he enjoys walking in the footsteps of his characters. Battle Cry is his first novel. He is currently working on the second volume of Battle Cry and many other projects.

"I don’t really look at any aspect of writing fiction as difficult. There are however, many challenges I face when creating a fictional story. The three most important challenges are; creating an original story, real characters and choosing the narrative.

Is my story original? That’s the first question I ask myself before starting a new story. Is there any other story out there similar to what I’m thinking about writing? Since it is impossible to have read every story ever written I usually look at the genre I am writing for and research a few stories that are similar to mine.  When looking for similarities I look at the elements of fiction; plot, storyline, characters, setting, etc. If my story idea is similar in any way to these stories, then I know I have to come up with something that makes my story stand alone. That in itself is the challenging part. What is it about my story that can make it stand out among the others? What makes it unique and original? Is it the characters, plot or the conflict of the story? If so how? These are just some of the questions I will need to answer in order to know whether my story will stand alone.

Character development is crucial when writing any fictional story. I believe that if you don’t have unique, believable and interesting characters, then the story will be lifeless and plain. Trust me; no writer wants his/her story to be referred to in that way. I want readers to be able to relate with my characters. Whether it is the main character- protagonist or antagonist, or a minor character, they must possess qualities, mannerisms, personalities and even flaws comparable to real people. These are characteristics that I utilize to make characters unique and intriguing.  If I write a story with a character that is intelligent, beautiful, strong, invulnerable and pretty much perfect in every aspect then I will have a story that will not connect with most people. So I try to create characters that are human in every facet, even if they are not.      

Some might think that choosing a type of narrative, whether first or third person would not be so challenging.  However, I believe that the type of narrative I choose when writing my story is one of the most important decisions I will make. To me the narrator is the voice of the story. It is being told through their prospective. If I write a story in first person, the narrative tends to be a one-sided. The story is being told by a character and the views of the story may be somewhat limited. On the other hand, if I write a story with the narration in third person then the story is being told with an outside perspective.  As a writer, it ultimately comes down to me to decide which type of narrative best tells the story I want to convey."
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